Here at St. John Chrysostom in Orange County, we maintain a heavy emphasis on education.  Learning the Word of God and the Ancient Faith is necessary to knowing Christ.  To know Christ Jesus is to love Him!

In an environment that uses proven techniques to reaching children, our Sunday School program aims at truly connecting with our students.  This is not your ordinary Sunday School class.  Instead, it is a comprehensive program that brings the teachings of Christ and Orthodox Christianity to our children.  Want to learn more?  Contact our Youth Education Director at

Coming Soon!  Want to learn more about Coptic Orthodoxy?  Are you thirsty for the Word of God?  There is a lot of information out on the internet, and it could all be overwhelming.  This is a wonderful way to learn about the Ancient Faith that remains the True Church.  In a relaxed, but very organized and educational environment, you will learn about various topics, including: Orthodoxy 101, Theology courses, Patristic courses, and others.  Come learn about Coptic Orthodoxy.  Your heart may be touched by the Grace of God...and hopefully the program may lead to your Baptism!

There are consistent Bible studies where anyone is welcome to join.  Come...and bring a we dive into the Holy Scriptures.  Check our website or Facebook for updates on current studies!

Coming Soon!  Have you been a member of the Church, but sometimes realize that you have so many questions about why we do what we do?  What is the meaning of various things in the Orthodox Church?  What is the Church's stance and teachings on various topics?  Check our website or Facebook for updates on current studies!