Do not wander from the Church. She is your hope and your salvation. She is higher than the heavens, firmer than rock, wider than the world; she never grows old, but is forever renewing her youth.
— St. John Chrysostom

About Us

Welcome to our Parish! Christ is in our midst! Glory to God for all things!

We, at St. John Chrysostom’s American Coptic Orthodox Church in Orange County, would like to welcome you to our website. We hope that you will leave here with a glimpse of the vibrant and beautiful community that is at this Parish. And even more so, we hope that you will accept our open invitation to come visit us in person!

The community here at St. John Chrysostom’s is ethnically diverse, but one in love. We come from a variety of backgrounds, but are one in Jesus Christ. And while we are active participants in today’s world, we adhere to the ancient faith of Coptic Orthodoxy. 

True Orthodoxy is needed in our community, and we hope that our Parish is a beacon of light in today’s world. Similarly, we hope to bring Coptic Orthodoxy to our American community, in order to present “every man perfect before Jesus Christ.” (Col. 1:28). While maintaining our Coptic Heritage, our Parish is aimed at pastoral care to those raised in the Western World. That means the beauty and depth of our prayers and services are in the English language, while Coptic is also preserved and taught. Perhaps more importantly, however, is we try and connect as a community, and love as a family. With a focus on education, one of the reasons why St. John Chrysostom is our patron saint, we hope to  build a strong community of faith, love and family that can bring us closer to our Lord.   

We hope you will consider joining us for one of the many services and ministries we provide. Be an active participant in the quest for your salvation. 

Come experience real Orthodoxy, while being real!


St. John Chrysostom’s American Coptic Orthodox Church in Orange County